Until now, you’ve been told that launching is stressful, that it's scary AF, and that it's just plain luck if it actually works out and people actually pay you.  

You’ve been fed the lies that launches are only for people with a massive following and that people only want to work with you if you've proven yourself as an 'expert' first. 

You’ve fallen victim to the belief that getting people to pay you is super hard, and that even if you launched, no one would want to buy from you anyway.  

You’ve probably even tried going about things with this mentality and surprise, surprise - it didn’t turn out how you wanted.  

In fact, it was likely a total flop and you were left feeling exhausted even though next to no one enrolled in your program.

And you can’t shake this feeling that there has to be another way.  

That there has got to be a way to call in massive abundance, have massive impact, and that there's got to be a method to follow to make this easy.  

And sista, you are 100% right.  

Your intuition is spot on honey and that’s why you’ve found yourself here.  

You know you’re here for a massive impact but for the life of you, you don’t know how to get people to realise it, or how to take them from aligned audience to soulmate clients.  

You’ve got an idea of what you want to do to help others, but you have no idea how to turn that into a scalable offer, let alone launch it in a way that sees spots fill up fast.  

You feel like you are working SO much for little to no return. You get all the likes and engagement on your posts, but when it comes to converting them into clients -- crickets.  

You want to take the next step but you’re not even sure what it is. You feel like there are a thousand and one things you could do, and platforms you could use, and the countless hours you’ve put in trying to figure it out has only left you even more stuck #analysisparalysis  

You can see other babes slaying it with their online launches and you wanna know the secrets! They’re out there doing five figure and multiple five figure launches on what feels like every damn day, and you’re still sitting here waiting for the sales to start!  

You wish you had a proven plan you could just follow that made this whole thing easy. A step-by-step method that showed you exactly what to do. A mentor by your side every step of the way that you could turn to for help the whole way through.

Trust me, I’ve been where you are. 

I remember wondering if people would even want to pay me, looking at other people and wondering how the heck they did the whole "online business thing".  

I remember the first launch I ever did. I severely undercharged my worth and while people enrolled in my course, I was dying trying to keep up with the work involved and when I figured out what my “hourly rate” was looking like, it basically made me wonder why I ever decided to do this in the first place #cheaperthanacupofcoffee

Onto launch number two, where I learnt from my mistake and set a price that was a heck of a lot better. I thought a few Instagram Posts would see people lining up to work with me and that making sales online would be a sinch. SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t.  

So back to the drawing board in preparation for launch number three. And you know what they say - third time’s a charm. This time, my energy was different. This time I knew it wasn’t just about hustling, nor was it about just letting it happen.  

This time I knew it needed to be a blend of both, and that I had found the sweet spot of launching. That blending spirituality with business strategy was going to be what changed everything.

I did my first five figure week in business and realised I had cracked it. $12,000 in sales in seven days showed me I was onto something.  

I applied the same process over and over again to my private mentorships, my courses and my programs, and before I knew it...

I had called in six figures in just six months. 


Because if I can do it - you can too.  

And I’m going to show you how.  

Because I want you to step into that next level too and realise that the impact and the money you desire is right there waiting for you babe - and it’s only one launch away. 

Ready to say BUH BYE to frantically trying to figure out the right steps for a successful launch, and HELLO to having the keys to a launch that falls into place easily, creates constant recurring income, and creates a waiting list of soulmate clients just dying to work with you?  

That is what is waiting for you and available to you right now love - you just need to become a vibrational match for it, and then take the aligned steps that make it your reality, right now. 

  • Having the perfect, scalable offer that your audience is just lining up to pay you for
  • Knowing the exact process to apply for sold out launches again and again, and being able to execute it with ease
  • Having recurring payments coming in on autopilot every month, making you more money and having more impact than you ever thought possible
  • Knowing that the offer you create is the exact offer your audience wants and needs, and releasing all fear of not being “expert” enough
  • Constantly waking up to new PayPal notifications and making money while you sleep #yesplease
  • Working with soulmate clients that are totally aligned with you and making a huge freaking impact on their lives by sharing the message you know you're here to share
  • Selling out your course before you even created it - meaning you KNOW your course is needed and valued before you ever put any time into it
  • Having a perfect scalable offer that you can forever offer to new clients and that can forever bring in new income (#winwin am I right?)
  • Being able to design the perfect launch totally aligned with you, and to set money goals you know are already done 

This is all waiting for you on the other side of your Next Level Launch. Six weeks to creating and launching your own online course, showing up for those that need you, and calling in massive abundance as a side effect

Once you align yourself with a Next Level Launch, everything shifts. As soon as you're inside, you're committing to...

  • Positioning yourself as the expert you truly are, showing up, shining your light and having the impact you were put here for
  • Learning how to create financial freedom and call in more money to your business than ever before #abundancebaby
  • Knowing how to charge your worth and doing so from a place of alignment, calling in those #highticketclients because you know selling is sacred
  • Creating a relationship with your audience that has them lining up to become clients who are so excited to pay you for the transformation you create
  • Releasing all of the fear of showing up, taking the wrong action, or falling on your face, because you know you are being guided perfectly every step of the way

This is exactly what is waiting for you inside Next Level Launch

...even if you don't feel "expert enough", aren't sure what you'd even teach, or have no idea what you want to create right now. We dive into all of that inside the course and will eliminate any imposter syndrome as you get clear on who your ideal soulmate client truly is, and the impact you are here to have for them so that they are lining up to work with you

...even if you don't have business right now and you've never 'launched' anything before. Trust me when I say all beliefs about needing a website first, a proper logo, or getting everything 'perfect' is just a limiting belief, holding you back from stepping into your power. I have sold out courses before with nothing but a PayPal link and I promise you spending time trying to "create the perfect business" before you ever tell anyone how they can work with you is only holding you back from helping those who need it, and getting paid massively for it

...even if the idea of selling terrifies you and you can't understand why anyone would want to pay you. Trust me, your light is more needed than you know, and the only thing stopping your from calling in abundance for it, is you. Selling isn't something that everyone is born with the skills for, but it's totally teachable and I'll guide you every step of the way until you see selling as sacred, objections as easy to overcome, and constant payments coming in as your new normal

"Taylor truly opened my eyes to building a business and living a life that I didn’t even know was possible."

Before I started working with Taylor, I wasn’t a mental health coach fully. I had started stepping into it but I knew I had a bigger message that I needed to bring to people and I didn’t really know what to do with it.  

Honestly, I am so glad that I invested in working with Taylor. We started working together and she brought me so much clarity, she helped me to see things, she was honest, and she told me the things I needed to hear to shape my business to where it was focused and the message was really clear.  

She got me to work through my fears and step into the space of doing what I love - helping so many people in the process. Her personality, her energy - every time I would get off a call I was so excited to take the actionable steps that she was giving me. Something that was really incredible was that she gave me steps that weren’t only based in the mindset shifts that you need, but also the tactical advice to apply in order to see change, to move forward, and to really shape my business into what I needed it to be.  

From day one I saw so much momentum, so much growth and so much change, and my business has been growing and blossoming since. Taylor truly opened my eyes to building a business and living a life that I didn’t even know was possible. If you are on the fence about working with Taylor, do it. I am so incredibly grateful every day that she helped me move into a space where I am helping people all over the world. 

- Olivia Reiman, Mental Health Coach and Owner of Simply Oli  

LAUNCH MINDSET, LOVE ($1000 value)

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and how to launch before you are ready
  • Knowing your why and who you are showing up for
  • Realising that your journey is your product
  • Realising you are the after and your ideal clients are the before  


  • How to avoid the Course Creation Abyss and sell before you create
  • Breaking down the Three Part Sweet Spot of what your audience will pay you for
  • Deciding on your profitable course, program or mentorship  
  •  Developing your scalable offer with bonuses, payment plans and VIP offers


  • Breaking down the launch process down to a fine art for executing
  • Learning all the ins-and-outs of presale, waitlists, closing carts, extended payment plans and everything inbetween
  • Mapping out your unique launch process
  • Set your intentions around the income you are calling in and the clients you know are “already in”  

SET UP YOUR SYSTEMS ($1000 value)

  • Learn how to ditch the tech overwhelm and let it be easy 
  • Go over the exact process for delivering your course 
  • How to Create, Pivot and Evolve rather than waiting for everything to be perfect
  • Set up payment systems, gateways and everything to allow your clients to pay you (which they'll be dying to do!) 

MARKETING 101 ($1000 value)

  • Sales Page non-negotiables
  • How to write to speak to the soul of your ideal client
  • Understanding pain points and copywriting mastery that converts interest into sales
  • How to create Instagram Story Graphics that sell for you 

SELL BABY SELL ($1000 value)

  • The Sales Call Process and how to overcome any objections without being "salesy" or "pushy"
  • How to create a sense of urgency and get people "off the fence"
  • Enrolling your students and making it a smooth process
  • Planning the next launch before this one’s even done to keep that money coming honey  


Step Into Your Power Pre Course Work Before we even get into the good stuff, we're going to do the Pre Work that will see you finding alignment with your purpose, releasing limiting beliefs and knowing that when you show up as a coach, mentor or thought leader, you are stepping into your next level self in the way you were always destined to do so. With Journal Prompts, Guided Meditations and Video Modules to help you do all of this, you'll have already massively uplevelled before we even begin the course! (Value $750)  

Objection Handling with Ease Dive into my training video going over the top five objections and how to handle them without being pushy, sleezy or downright annoying. (Ain't nobody got time for that!) Speak in a way that speaks to the soul of your potential client and help them move through any limiting beliefs holding them back so they come out the other side knowing how much they need your help and are basically screaming ‘take my money!’ (Value $500)  

Organised AF Bonus training on how to stay on top of everything going on in your launch, all the moving parts and making sure everyone on your team knows exactly what they need to do and when. Walking you through the tools Team Taylor Rae uses to stay on top and make launching a breeze. (Value $500) 

Next Level Live Call Recordings As part of your enrolment you'll get access to LIVE coaching calls with Taylor Rae, but what's better than that? Having that AND being able to watch REPLAYS of past coaching calls for every single module, whenever you like! What's that - you've got a question about something? Bet you'll find the answer in these recordings babe, and you've got access to them for life. #yourewelcome (Value $1500) 


When you enrol in the VIP Option of Next Level Launch, you will receive the entire Next Level Launch Course PLUS:

  • 60 minute Private 1:1 Call with Taylor for that extra level of support and guidance in strategising out your aligned course launch + making the mindset shifts you need!
  • 6 weeks of exclusive access to Taylor on the walkie talkie app Voxer where you will be able to voice message Taylor anytime with questions and to get extra support (it gives you access to answers on demand, whenever, wherever - from your personal mentor who knows everything you need to know about building your biz!)
  • $15K Launch Email Sequence: get the exact emails I used to do a $15,000 launch in five days (+ swipe templates so you can turn them into your own!)  



 + 6 weeks of incredible support  

+ 6 transformational in depth modules  

+ 3 high-level group coaching Q+A calls  

+ access to the private Facebook group for extra support  

+ lifetime access to ongoing updates + add-ons

+ bonus: step into your power pre course work

+ bonus: objection handling with ease training

+ bonus: organised AF processes and systems

INVESTMENT $1497 (or 12 bi-weekly* payments of $147) 

NEXT LEVEL LAUNCH VIP (limited spots available) 

 + 6 weeks of incredible support  

+ 6 transformational in depth modules  

+ 3 high-level group coaching Q+A calls  

+ access to the private Facebook group for extra support  

+ lifetime access to ongoing updates + add-ons

+ bonus: step into your power pre course work

+ bonus: objection handling with ease training

+ bonus: organised AF processes and systems

+ bonus: $15k launch email sequence

+ 60 minute private 1:1 coaching call

+ 6 weeks exclusive voice messaging access

INVESTMENT $3497 (or 12 bi-weekly* payments of $347) 



  • You're ready to stop holding yourself back, and to have the impact you know you are here to have
  • You're to get paid massively in exchange for the light you bring to the world
  • You're ready for your biggest launch yet - from a place of flow, freedom and ease
  • You're ready to stop taking the wrong action and to follow the path to showing up fully as the coach, mentor and thought leader that you are
  • You're ready for the launch process to be smooth, no-stress out and to leave all the anxiety and fear at the door
  • You're ready to release limiting beliefs, comparisonitis and fear that you're not good enough, and to step into your power fully
  • You want the step by step processes and systems in your biz that make launching a breeze and see you making more money and more impact than ever before


  • You love the drama and the stress of being stuck on the same cycle of scarcity over and over
  • You enjoy not really knowing how to bring clients int your business and feeling like it will never 'happen' for you
  • You hate money and don't want to ever step into that next level of abundance
  • You like the feast and famine cycle and never being able to predict what things will look like financially a month from now
  • You love being stuck in a job you hate, that doesn't fulfil you and doesn't let you serve your soul purpose
  • You want to keep holding yourself back forever
  • You're not prepared to take action on the steps you know will get you where you want to go
  • You believe this is as good as it gets and that you're not worthy of a more abundant life and leaving a bigger impact in this world


Q: Can I just take this course next time?

A: No girl - there is no 'next time' planned for Next Level Launch in 2020 and maybe even forever. If you want the results you know are waiting for you, don't hold yourself back and enroll now boo.

Q: I'm still in a 9-5 and worried that I won't have time to do this course...

A: I understand that you're working and that it takes commitment to do this, but guess what - uplevels take commitment! And let's be real, your schedule ain't going to be freeing up any time soon, so if you don't take action today, when will you? I know plenty of people who have built successful businesses on the side of their full-time jobs, so if they can do it - so can you. Don't let the limiting belief of "I don't have time" stop you from calling in the clients and the cash that is waiting for you!

Q: Will Next Level Launch work for me?

A: The method taught inside this course has worked for countless clients that Taylor has worked with, seeing them do everything from sold out group coaching programs, to making more money in a month than they had made all year in their day job, to calling in a waitlist of aligned soulmate clients, to scaling their businesses to more impact and more income than they ever thought possible. These methods have worked for women who already had businesses, and for those that had no idea what they wanted to had and hadn't taken any steps towards building their biz yet. If you're an entrepreneur (or want to be one) and know you're destined for more, it doesn't matter where you're at - Next Level Launch is for you.

Q: What is the investment for Next Level Launch?

A: The total value for the program is $14,250 but the investment is only $1497 or $3497 for VIP (lowest it will ever be - don't wait!)

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No refunds in sight here babe. I only work with committed, dedicated women who aren't looking for a way out or an excuse to stop creating the business of their dreams. I am here to push you up and out of the fear and into the next level of your life and business you've never seen before. When you pay, you are committing to this program, and when you do that, I commit to you. I only commit to women I know are all in and ready to truly do what it takes to uplevel which means no looking for an exit strategy!

Q: I've got a question that hasn't been answered. Can you help me?

A: Of course babe! Send it through to hello@strongbabecollective.com and either myself or someone on my team will respond within 24 hours. We've got you and want to make sure you are supported fully as you make the decision to invest in yourself in this program!