• Destined for big things, but unsure how to make them happen
  • Frustrated with where you're at and the blocks you keep coming up against
  • Ready to step into abundance, but continuously stuck in a cycle of scarcity
  • Stuck in old patterns and fear that you know is holding you back, but with no idea of how to break free from it  
  • Confused about how to define exactly what you want, let alone how to manifest it 
  • Learn how to allow manifesting to be easy so you can call in your biggest desires with ease
  • Step into alignment with your higher self and release all stress, anxiety and overwhelm forever
  • Never be held back by fear or limiting beliefs again
  • Start living the freedom, abundance filled life of purpose you know you're here for
  • Love yourself authentically for all that you are, and to shine with the beautiful authentic confidence of someone who loves herself and her life


"Before I enrolled in #DesireToManifest, I was a powerhouse goal-getter with big dreams - and I was constantly getting in my own way. I kept going after my goals and feeling unsatisfied with the results no matter what I achieved, not realizing the shift I needed to make was internal; a mindset shift. 

Working with Taylor gave me all the tools I needed to come into alignment with my full self, and I've been manifesting more beauty than I ever knew was possible! Thank you for changing my life!" 



Babe, I've been exactly where you are right now.

I've been in that place where everything feels hard.

Where it feels like nothing ever works out for you.

Where no matter what you do, you can't seem to get to where you want to go.

Where you're not even sure what you want, you just know it's got to be more than what' going on right now.

Here's what happened to me...

For the longest time, I had held the belief that if I wanted to live a fulfilled life, a successful life, an abundant life - it had to be hard.

I was part of team #hustleandgrind but no matter what I tried, I felt like I just couldn't get any closer to my goals.

No matter what I tried, it was like I was pushing myself further away from what I wanted, rather than closer.  

I was unhappy with who I was, unfullfilled in my life, working 70+ hours a week trying to "be succesful" and it all ended up being too much.

I ended up going through a full on breakdown, suffering mentally, physically and emotionally, and wound up in hospital, unable to keep going.  

I had to let go of everything I had been working towards, and with it - I lost my purpose and started to suffer crazy anxiety attacks.  

I was broke, broken and burnt out, and I had no idea what to do with myself.  

But in going through this, I was able to come to the moment that changed everything.  

I will never forget it.

At the lowest point in my life, when nothing seemed to be working out, I first heard my intuition.  

It told me...  

“Stop looking at why this is happening to you, and look at why it is happening for you.”  

It made me start to look at my life with entirely different eyes, and showed me how to start seeing EVERYTHING as working for you.

And it was in that moment, that everything shifted.  

After realising this, I became obsessed with learning more about the internal shifts I could make that would see massive changes come about in my external world.  

I spent the next six months learning EVERYTHING I could about mindset shifts, manifestation, the Law of Attraction, how to take Aligned Action and everything in between.  

And as soon as I did...  

I started to call in my biggest desires, FAST.  

In six months, I went from broke, burnt-out and broken, to aligned, abundant and attracting my biggest desires with ease, including: 

  • Consistent multiple five figure months
  • My dream apartment in the heart of my favourite city
  • An aligned heart-centred business with clients lining up to work with me 
  • The next level in my dream relationship
  • Unexpected money flowing to me out of nowhere
  • An ability to always feel in alignment, never unsure of myself and always clear about what's coming for me next
  • A freedom life of purpose, fulfilment and impact, serving my soul mission every single day

...and so I started sharing The C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N Method with others, so they could transform their lives too

and the results were incredible...

Chaney stepped into her power, realised how easy manifesting is and called in her DREAM apartment and aligned team members... 

Felicia released all her limiting beliefs, shifted her relationship with herself and stepped into abundance in her life and business...

Kennequea listened to her intuition, found her aligned soul community and uplevelled her entire life...

Listen babe, if you're still reading, I know you’re ready to start calling in your dream life too...

And that’s because, you're probably just like me...  

Someone who knows that she's destined for more, and ready to call it in unapologetically.  

And you want a step-by-step method that is going to allow it to be so easy.  

Which is excatly what I share inside of my signature 8 Week Manifestation Course, #DesireToManifest.

Inside, I walk you through every step of The C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N Method so that you can learn exactly how to unlock your manifestation power too.

You've already seen how I have used this to transform my life, and I've got countless babes inside doing the exact same thing.  

And now babe, it's your turn to step up and to call in all you are so worthy of as well...



  • Learn how to tap into your highest self and true desires through Stream of Consciousness Journaling
  • Learn how to set clear intentions with the energy that calls in your desires fast 
  • Develop a beautiful gratitude practice to learn how to energetically align with all you are calling in  



  • Create your perfect morning ritual for finding alignment 
  • Learn the step-by-step process to developing your own sacred meditation practice  
  • Learn how to journal in a way that speeds up the manifestation process by writing your desires into your reality  


  • Understand the power of your thoughts and how you can use them to create whatever you desire 
  • Learn to shift your energy and set intentions from a place of alignment, not lack
  • Understand how to completely change your vibrational state from low vibe to high vibe
  • Learn how to move through any energetic blocks you are experiencing  
  • Understand the importance of grounding and how to do it in order to change your energy state  



  • Unlock the sacred self love practice that will transform your relationship with yourself entirely 
  • Understand the importance of prioritising play, and why it is crucial to your manifesting process  
  • Learn how to trust in divine timing fully and how to release expectations around the ‘when’ and ‘how’ 
  • Learn how to find the exact aligned action steps you need to take to call in what you are manifesting 
  • Harness the sacred practice you can use anywhere and any time to find instant alignment in just 60 seconds  


  • Learn how to write your own affirmations so specific to you and infused with the energy you need to call in your desires 
  • Learn how to turn your own limiting beliefs into affirmations and use them to support your journey 
  • Understand how to use your affirmations effectively and exactly how to implement them so they actually work 
  • Learn the sacred scripting technique using affirmations that uncovers resistance you didn’t even know was there 
  • Learn how to visualise in small, manageable steps to make manifesting easier than ever  



  • Learn how to make a quantum shift into the version of you that does have it all 
  • Learn how to use scripting to define your dream life in the clarity you need to actually manifest it 
  • Learn the five steps that will shift your money mindset forever and will allow you to step into abundance now 
  • Learn one of the biggest money blocks and exactly how to release it for good 
  • Learn how to attract money to you easily by shifting your focus and your energy around money  



  • Learn how to release all negative external impacts for good 
  • Learn how to step up the intensity and speed of your manifestation process with one simple shift 
  • Unlock the ability to always make aligned decisions that support all you are calling in 
  • Learn the sacred practice of setting beautiful evening intentions 
  • Learn how to energetically protect yourself from the impact of other people and their negative vibes  



  • Learn how to beat fear forever and release all negative, low vibe energy  
  • Understand how to move from Ego into Alignment instantly  
  • Learn to align with what serves you, rather than what holds you back  
  • Learn how to tell the difference between Intuition and Ego  
  • Learn how to remove all blocks and limiting beliefs FOREVER  



  • Seven Part Guided Meditation Series guiding you through each of the fundamental Manifesting Principles 
  • Use them to find to true alignment, to connect with your highest self, and to surrender to the Universe so that it can deliver exactly what you desire.  



  • Exclusive Masterclass teaching you the 12 Laws of The Universe that each play a KEY ROLE manifesting your biggest desires
  • Access to a 28 page high vibe workbook for implementing the shifts you make while watching the Masterclass
  • Unlock access to ALL the ways that the Universe is working for you, allowing you to work with it to speed up your manifestation process faster than ever  


  • Complete guide containing all of the affirmations I have used to rewrite my reality, and manifest my biggest desires. 
  • High vibe guide filled with 55 of the most powerful affirmations for creating energetic shifts
  • The ultimate tool for manifesting, by making you a vibrational match for more of what you want, and less of what you don't want 
  • Call in exactly what you desire using the affirmations that cover off success, happiness, money, relationships and health


When you enrol, you are also getting access to my COMPLETE Library of Q+A Sessions thats contains answers to hundreds of questions all around how to unlock your manifesting power, move through limiting beliefs, call in your desires plus much more.  

Basically any question you could think of around manifestation, is answered inside of this Library, and you get complete access to all of it.  

This library provides you with total support through the implementation of every single step, with over 20 hours of calls recorded for you, ready to access over and over, whenever you need them.  

Think of it like Netflix for manifesting - giving you that extra level of support that you can binge watch whenever you like!  

If you've been looking for a high vibe soul tribe, look no further!

This is the most high vibe space on the Internet, and when you enrol, you'll get immediate access to come and join us inside!

This gives you bonus access to support from me, to be able to ask any questions you have along your journey, and to share all of your manifestation wins with other aligned babes in the group!

As a group, we are even more of a magnet for our desires, so expect to be surrounded by a lot of celebration as soon as you get inside! A lot of our girls from strong friendships and become the support for each other as they continuously uplevel, so come nd find your soul tribe accountability partners inside!

It is the place to go to ask questions, celebrate your wins and even share in pop-up trainings from me!



Cassy found alignment with her soul purpose, figured out who she truly was and manifested more abundance and success in her business, even starting her own podcast as a result of the shifts she made…

Molly applied every tangible step from the course and changed her entire life, including manifesting massive abundance in her business, upgrading her living arrangement, and unlocking her intuition, all from the systems she learned inside #DTM…

Natalie learnt to let go of things from her past that were holding her back, found inner peace within herself, and realised the power she has to make her life whatever she wants it to be…



This course is everything I wish I had years ago. 


It encompasses everything I have learnt on my journey, and that I’ve been blessed to share with countless women now, who are all using it to transform their lives.  

My heart and soul is in this program, and I’ve poured everything I used to manifest my dream life, into an easy, 8-step process so that you can step into all I know is waiting for you too.  

I know everything you need to release the mindset that has been holding you back, to let go of limiting beliefs, to step into total alignment and transform into a totally elevated state, is inside waiting for you.  

I’m so excited for you to transform into your highest self and to step into that next level version of you.  

I’m here to guide you through that transformation, to give you the steps, to help you blend the woo with the work, and to allow it all to be so easy for you.  

And I am so grateful I get to do this work.  



Saying GOODBYE to...

  • The voice telling you life should be hard  
  • The fear telling you you’re not good enough  
  • The belief that money is hard to come by, and that certain things are ‘outside of your reach’  
  • The resistance around doing what you know you’re here to do  
  • The voice that tells you struggle is normal, stress is part of life and joy is only a sometimes thing…  

And HELLO to...

  • Everything flowing to you easily and effortlessly
  • Being in total alignment and bliss in every moment
  • Stepping into total abundance and knowing money is an always thing
  • Always knowing you were enough and never letting limiting beliefs or fear hold you back again
  • Knowing that whatever you desired, you could manifest it with total ease

To recap, here's everything you're getting with #DesireToManifest...

  • The complete #DesireToManifest Program ($3976 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Meditation to Manifestation ($333 Value)  
  • BONUS #2: Guide to the Universe Masterclass ($222 Value)  
  • BONUS #3: Abundant Affirmations eBook ($88 Value)  
  • BONUS #4: Exclusive Access to the High Vibe Archive ($1111 Value)
  • BONUS #5: Access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group ($997 Value)  

That's $2751 in FREE Gifts just for enrolling today.


By the end of DTM you will have successfully unlocked your ability to manifest anything, will have come into totaly alignment with yourself and will have the tools and steps and sacred rituals with you for life, to continuously call in more and more.



When does the course start?

You get IMMEDIATE access to the course my love, including all of your bonuses and you get lifetime access to all of it! Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a confirmation email of your enrolment, and not long after that will receive all of your log-in details to dive right into the course! Excited to see you in there!  

How long do I get access to the course?  

You've got lifetime access girl! Meaning you can work through it in divine timing, and can use all of your high vibe frameworks and tools for life! You can even redo the course over again once you've gone through it! How good is that?!  

Are there payment plans?

Of course babe! I want to help you manifest the abundant life that is waiting for you, and I don't want you to have to wait until your money is aligned to be able to pay it in full. I offer a 6 month payment plan as well to make it super affordable, so that you can get full access to the course and all the coaching calls, and then pay it off easily over six monthly instalments.

What makes this course different?

Everything I used to manifest multiple five-figure months, my dream relationship, dream apartment and more is inside this course. This isn’t just a bunch of information you’ve heard before about the “idea” of manifesting, this is a step-by-step process to integrate into you life. This course isn’t about a surface level shift, we will be transforming at a soul-based level, creating a paradigm shift in how you see the world and how you operate on a subconscious level, to allow this to be a lifelong transformation as you show up in total alignment with who you were always meant to be.  

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

I’m all about allowing this to be EASY and not overwhelming you. All of the modules are broken down into individual modules up to 20 minutes long, so you can take it at your pace. The content averages about 1 hour a week, and then I recommend allowing 20-40 mins each day for your sacred practices and rituals, but it’s totally up to you! It’s spread out over 8 modules but is completely self paced and you have life time access so you can take it as fast or as slow as you like! A lot of my girls like to do one module a week for eight weeks, but some like to pace it out slower, and others faster! Choose what feels good to you babe!  

What if I'm not sure it's the right time?

The fact that you are here, means it is the right time. Everything happens in divine timing, and you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t meant to do the course. Don’t put off what you feel called to right now. All you ever have is the now, and any fear that pops up is a sign that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and that a MASSIVE uplevel is about to happen. 

Is there a limit on what it will help me to manifest?

Definitely not babe! Trust me when I say the Universe wants to deliver you ALL of your biggest desires, and you can use everything I teach you in this course to manifest anything, from your dream partner, to money, to success, to your dream business, to more time, to happiness, to finding purpose, to health and fitness. The only limit is the limit you choose for yourself babe - so let's go limitless!  

What if I'm not even sure what I am manifesting?

Trust me when I tell you this is THE perfect course for you then, and you will get SO much out of this. In the first module, we dive deep into how to REALLY get clarity around what you are calling in and why a lot of the time, the biggest block is that we think we’re being clear – when we’re not. I’ve had countless women come into this course with that same fear, and after week one it is entirely replaced with total clarity, and in a matter of weeks their entire lives have shifted – all from taking the chance on themselves and knowing the answers they needed were inside.  

How much experience do I need?

Whether you are brand new to manifestation, personal development + the Law of Attraction, or have been studying it for a while, you will experience massive shifts inside of this program. Through this course you will meet yourself wherever you are at, and will go on a beautiful journey or self-exploration, transformational shifts and divine guidance through your own intuition. No matter what you are calling in, prepare to see yourself and the world in a completely new energy, aligned entirely with your higher self as you realise your power, and the fact that everything you desire is right there waiting for you.  

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However you can submit a request for a refund within 14 days of purchase if you have met the requirements of the refund request and feel as though the course has not worked for you. In order to request a refund you MUST submit a refund request to hello@strongbabecollective.com and must also provide the required proof as outlined in the terms and conditions of purchase. All refunds are discretionary as determined by Strong Babe Collective and no refunds will be provided after the 14th day from your date of purchase.  


Got a question that wasn't answered and want to ask it? Send it through to: hello@strongbabecollective.com

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