The 8 Stage Program for high vibe babes who are ready to turn their passion into their purpose, and want to step into their power by creating their own dream business.

Are you ready to bring your dream biz to life, and have the impact you were always destined for? 

So babe, you've got this feeling you're destined for more...

>> Do you constantly feel like you are destined for huge things?  

>> Do you have this constant feeling that this can’t be all there is, and that there is a life of wild abundance, success + freedom just waiting for you?  

>> Are you drawn to helping others, and is there something you are so passionate about, that nothing else really seems important by comparison?  

>> Are you a high potential babe that feels so drawn to having a huge impact, and building something bigger than yourself?  

>> Do you identify with the fact that life isn’t meant to be about slaving away to your 9-5, and that there is more to life than just the hustle and the grind?  

>> Do you long to step into your power, in a way that gives you the freedom and flow to work whenever and from wherever you like?  

>> Are you ready to align with your purpose, listen to your intuition, and realise the real reason the Universe put you exactly where you are?  

>> Is there something you are SO passionate about bringing to life, that you know you can’t possibly ignore it any longer?  

If you answered yes babe, you're in the right place...

It's time to Level Up, Lady

That dream of yours, it’s time to turn it into a reality. Girl, it’s time to manifest the life and biz you’ve been dreaming of.  

Truth is babe, you’re here because you are meant to be. Your intuition led you here, and the Universe has lined things up just so, putting you on the right path to take action now. It knows you are destined to have an impact and help others, in that incredible biz of yours, that right now is only a dream.  

But babe, it’s not a dream - it’s your destiny. And by working through the 8 phases of Level Up Lady, you are going to step into that power, and take the EXACT STEPS you need to, to manifest that dream biz of yours to life. 

This is what is waiting for you in Level Up, Lady

  • Set you up with the strategies for success you need to create the abundance in your life and biz that you’re ready for, and that you know you deserve  
  • Teach you exactly how to have the impact you want to have, through building an engaged audience that loves you, your message and your insight  
  • Design the ideal life for you, from your dream day through to your perfect week, starting from the top and working all the way through to manifest a magic lifestyle for you  
  • Clarify your brand, your voice and your message, in a way that speaks straight to the soul of your ideal client and has them begging you for your help, your service and your impact  
  • Break through any and all limiting beliefs around why this biz thing you’ve been dreaming of, should be anything but fun, flowing + easy.  
  • Create an online presence that screams you, and allows your ideal client to feel connected with you from the second they set foot on your website, sales page, or any of your social media platforms  
  • Focus on self love, create balance and learn why mindfulness is the one thing you need to make your dream biz a reality (ain’t no talk of hustle or grind here)  
  • Build the confidence within you that you need, to realise that you CAN have whatever you want in this life, and that the biz of your dreams is right here waiting for you 

“This life you’re living right now, it is your dream life - you just haven’t realised it yet”

What you’ll be getting:

  • A complete program broken down into 8 Phases that takes you through exactly how to find your idea, how to turn it into a transformation you help others with, how to turn that into your own dream business, and how to grow your audience, your impact and your abundance.
  • 8 Modules to work through that breaks down each of the stages of building your business each with a dedicated video coaching session from me, and a comprehensive workbook that step by step helps you complete exactly what you need to do, as you go.
  • Total access to me via email for asking questions, working through any issues holding you back, and making sure you are taking the leaps in your life + biz you need, to make this dream your reality
  • Over 170 pages of content in your 8 workbooks, outlining the exact steps you need to take, to turn your passion into profit + step into total alignment with creating your dream biz
  • Over 8 hours of video lessons walking you through the steps you need to take, from start to finish in creating and growing your own dream biz.
  • The mindset shifts you need to make the big changes you’re destined for, both in your life and your biz 
  • All trainings recorded so that you can access them at any time, with lifetime access to each of your workbook modules (I want that learning to be for life, gal)
  • A promise that there ain’t no talk of hustle here, and that mindfulness, self love and operating in total alignment is ALWAYS prioritised

Here’s how it works: the signature method to help you Level Up, Lady 

I'm here as your biz babe bestie, to help you step into your power, use your passion to create your dream biz + to help you align with the purpose you were put on this planet to fulfill

all in a way that brings you success, abundance + freedom. 

What's included in each of the modules?

Module One: Find Purpose, Get Aligned + Define Your Life 

  • Find your purpose and define what alignment means to you 
  • Set up the ideal day and defining a week that works for you 
  • Reduce the overwhelm and creating a biz on your terms 
  • Prioritise you and creating space for mindfulness  

Module Two: Build Your Brand, Find Your Niche + Attract Your Ideal Client 

  • Create a picture of your ideal client 
  • Put a voice to your brand and know exactly who you are speaking to 
  • Understand the importance of a niche strategy and why it’s the key to your success 
  • Know the transformation you are going to create, and the impact you are going to have  

Module Three: Craft Your Story, Define Your Goals + Manifest Your Ideal Income

  • Craft your story and use it to deliver the impact you were put here to make 
  • Create the value and attract the dream clients you’re ready to work with  
  • Break down your goals and realise they are inevitable for you 
  • Create the money mindset you need, to manifest the abundance you’re ready for  

Module Four: Create Impact, Design the Perfect Offer + Know Your Worth

  • Identify the impact you have and turn it into an offer 
  • Break it down into the steps your ideal client needs to take 
  • Understand the value you provide 
  • Know how to identify your worth and feel confident in charging it 

Module Five: Sort Your Socials, Create Value + Step Into Success

  • Define your brand and make its mark on the social scene 
  • Get your social media platforms working for you 
  • Identify what social media platforms are your jam, and use them to manifest your ideal clients 
  • Create total alignment to take the sleaze out of sales and have people dying to work with you 

Module Six: Online Presence, Website Mastery + Finding Flow

  • Create the ideal website that works for you 
  • Organise your SEO to make sure you’re showing up where your clients need you 
  • Connect your platforms together to create a central hub of value for your clients 
  • Find out the top tools all boss babes are using to have the interwebs working for them  

Module Seven: Wealth, Wild Abundance + Automation

  • Setting up strategies for building your email list 
  • Creating an ongoing stream of leads without the hustle 
  • Getting your business to work for you without sacrificing yourself to the grind 
  • Creating value for your ideal client in a way that funnels sales straight to you  

Module Eight: Create Freedom, Success Strategies + Realise Your Infinite Potential 

  • Learn the strategies for growth every boss babe needs 
  • Understand Facebook advertising 
  • Learn where to get endless leads and never worry about where your next client is coming from 
  • Feel confident in the inevitable success + abundance for your biz  

Are you ready to step into your power + bring your light to the world?

Let's Level Up, Lady


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So I know by now you probably feel like our souls are aligned, but just in case you want to know a little more, allow me to introduce myself properly... 

Hey girl, I'm Taylor...

And it is literally my passion in life to help babes step into their power, uplevel their mindset and manifest the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Which is why you’re here right now babe. It’s not by chance. It’s through total alignment that you have ended up here, reading this. Trust me babe, the Universe has got your back, and you didn’t just stumble upon me by chance - you were drawn here because we’re meant to work together.  

Seriously babe, I have been building businesses since I was 22, and there is something about seeing them come to life, that literally lights a spark in my soul. And being able to work with other babes, who have that same passion to leave a mark on the world, change the game, and create the impact they know they were born for - it’s helping that come to life that literally lights my soul on fire.  

Not gonna lie to you though babe, not that long ago - I went through complete and total burnout.  

Honestly, it felt like a mid-life crisis, and I was only half way through my twenties. After completing my Business Degree, working as a Business Development Manager in the Corporate World, and then going on to build two of my own successful businesses, I was #killingit. Until suddenly, I wasn’t. 

After totally neglecting to look after me, and living for the #hustle, the #grind and being part of #teamnosleep for way too long - things (to no one’s surprise) caught up with me.  

I hit total breakdown, went through complete burnout, and was left utterly broken.  

I was overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and had zero focus on what was good for me.  

My biz was thriving, but I wasn’t.  

But you know what I know now? It’s that it was all meant to happen for a reason.  

The Universe caused it to happen, so that I could realise that the way I was living was totally unsustainable, and so completely unnecessary to running a thriving and wildly abundant business.  

And so I learnt. I grew. I came back stronger.  

I realised the importance of listening to your intuition, being aligned with the Universe, prioritising self love + care over the hustle and the grind, and understanding that you can manifest whatever you want in this life, without sacrificing yourself in the process.  

And I came back with a mission clearer than anything.  

To help other babes realise the power they have within themselves to have, do and be whatever they want in this life. And to give them the steps they need, to manifest it to life, all from a place of alignment, flow and ease.  

Seriously babe, I want you to have it all. I want you to build a life you love. 

I’m going to teach you all the strategies you need to build a successful biz, while creating the flow + freedom you really want to see in your life.  

If you’re ready to remove limiting beliefs, prioritise mindfulness, manifest your ideal clients and operate from a place of love, freedom + abundance, then babe - you are in the right place.  

Your time is now babe, and together we are going to manifest some damn good magic.  

Let’s do this babe, I’m so excited to work with you.  

Still not sure you can do this? 

Here’s the problem…

>> You’ve got dreams of having a huge impact, but the idea of stepping into your power, and out of the safety of what you are doing right now, scares you...  

>> You see others doing what you want to do, but can’t even seem to figure out where to start, let alone how to actually have success at doing it...  

>> Yeah, you’ve played around with ideas, maybe tried starting a website or an Instagram, but are getting nothing on there beyond the creepy messages from dudes in your DM, and the occasional offers to help “grow your account to 20k followers in just 30 days!” (ps girl, if you’re tempted to click it - don’t)...  

>> You’ve got ideas for days, but no real plan of action for how to get them off the ground, and so your notebook of dreams just keeps getting bigger...  

>> You’ve helped a few people, but have nothing concrete bringing in the money honey, and are frightened that if you step into this fully, that you’ll fall on your face and have to go back to your 9-5 anyway…  

>> You long for freedom in your life and dream biz, but can’t seem to get out of the same day-in-day-out cycle that you’re in now, and you don’t know how you’ll ever break out of it..  

>> You’re worried that if you don’t do something now, you’ll be forever stuck in this trap, feeling like the potential you know you’re destined to fulfill will be wasted..  

>> You’re scared of not stepping into your power and not having the impact you want, but you’re maybe even more scared of taking the leap and failing, purely cause you’re not really sure of exactly what you need to do..  

>> You are ready to uplevel your life + start your biz, but your life already feels too full to even fit in the one thing you care about - building your dream business..  

But fear not gal, because that’s all about to change...  

I’ve got one question for you babe...

Seriously girl, think about this... 

Will you be happy, if in a year from now - you are still in the same position, wishing you had just taken action, instead of looking around at everyone else who went for it and had wild success?

Trust me babe, the answer is no. 

I don’t want to see you waste that gorgeous soul of yours, doing whatever it is you are doing now, that is leaving you feeling so damn unfulfilled.  

And I know you know that you are high potential AF, and that all you need is the little helping hand of moi, to make those incredible dreams of yours, your abundant reality.  

Are you ready to create abundance in your life, have an impact on the world and manifest the life and biz of your dreams?  

Are you ready to leave behind this version of you, and become the person you were always destined to be? 

Are you ready to stop wishing, and start doing? 

Let's do this gal. It's time to step into your power.

This is for you if...

You’re a high potential babe that is ready to step into her power

You’re sick of wondering ‘what if’ and are ready to take the actual plunge

You want to look back on your life a year from now and be so damn proud of what you’ve created

You know you are destined for big things and you’re ready to do what it takes to make them happen for you

You’re ready to accept the help that is ready and waiting for you with a proven strategy to manifest the dream life + biz you’ve been wishing for  

This isn't for you if...

You’d rather spend the next year thinking about making an impact and watching everyone else around you, doing it instead

You’re happy with playing it small and letting your potential just go to waste; unused and under-appreciated.

You’re okay with struggling, feeling overwhelmed and not having any clear direction on how to bring the success and abundance you know you’d deserve

You’d rather try and figure things out on your own and not use the shortcuts, proven methods or strategies I’ve already tried and tested for you. 

You’d rather play safe, play small, and keep just doing the day-in-day-out tasks you’re used to, because it’s all a bit too scary stepping into your potential  


Do I have to have already started my business to take part in Level Up, Lady?

Does this take you through the actual steps on how to set up my business and grow my audience?

Definitely not babe. Level Up, Lady is perfect for you if you’re a babe that dreams of a big impact, but has no idea where to start. Whether you’ve sort of got your idea off the ground and are now completely overwhelmed, or if you’re only in the ideas stage and know you are destined to create this incredible influence but haven’t actually started your biz - you’re covered. This 8 Phase Course will take you from idea, to inspiration to abundance - all you need to do is follow the steps.

Yes babe it sure does! We go through the ideas process, we turn that into your business idea, and then we go through exactly how to build your business, including setting up a website, creating a logo, understanding SEO, organising all of your platforms, setting up email automation, growing your audience and so much more! I've got you covered girl!

How do I know if I’m ready for this?

What if I don't know what my business idea is, but I know I want to show up and serve?

Because you are here babe, you are ready. Trust me when I say that no one ever feels completely, 100% ready for anything - but the ones that make their dreams a reality are the ones that do it anyway. The ones that take that step forward, jump before they are ready, invest in themselves and start building their dreams today. Trust me, a year from now, you’ll be so glad you did.

Girl, you are in the right place! This program was MADE for you. I know what it can be like trying to get that clarity babe, because I've been there! Which means I know the exact things you need to do, to be able to find out your exact purpose, and exactly how you are meant to show up in this world! Level Up Lady takes you through all of that my love, so don't worry - I'll be there every step of the way!

Is this course taught live?

Is there a set amount of time I get to access the course?

No babe, this course and all of its contents have been pre-recorded and are ready and waiting for you right now! This means you can work through it at your pace, moving through it as fast or as slow as you like!

You've got lifetime access girl! Meaning you can work through it in divine timing, and can come back to phases as you need to, and as you grow that beautiful business of yours! How good is that?!

Got a question that wasn’t answered here? No dramas babe! Shoot an email through to me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP about anything you want to know.

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