Do you know there is more out there for you?  

Do you know you’re destined for big things, and you want someone to help you bring those dreams to life?  

Are you fustrated with where you’re at, and are so ready to make a change? 

Are you ready to say goodbye to fear, and hello to the life you know is waiting for you?

Have you been hustling and grinding constantly and you're ready to learn how to do things with flow?  

Are you sick of watching as things happening for others, and ready to start making it happen for you too?

Are ready to realise just how easy manifestation is, and use to to attract the life you know is waiting for you?

 Are you ready to manifest all that is waiting for you, and all you are so worthy of?  

If this is you're in the right place.


You have found this in Divine Timing

Seriously babe, I've been there.

And I know exactly what it's like to KNOW you are destined for more.

To have this feeling that you are being pulled towards something more.

And I promise you babe, the fact that you have that feeling, means it is true.

That is your intuition showing you what is possible for you.

It's just up to you to say yes to manifesting it, and making this life right here - your dream life.

Now babe, my soul mission in this life is to help babes just like you to realise the potential they withhold to have, do and be whatever they want in this life, and to teach them exactly how to manifest it.  

And I know my love, that we have connected for a reason. 

I know the Universe has brought us together in Divine Timing, so that I can help you unlock your ability to manifest the life you are so worthy of.  

You see, a little while back, I went through the lowest of low points in my life. I was completely broke, was suffering constant anxiety attacks, had no idea what my purpose was, and ended up going through a full-on breakdown.  

Was it pretty? Definitely not.  

Am I glad it happened? You know it, babe.  

Why? Because in going through all of that, I first heard the voice of my Highest Self, channeling a direct download straight from the Universe.  

It told me, “stop looking at why this is happening to you, and look at why it is happening for you.”  

And in that moment everything shifted.  

From then on, I went on an incredible journey learning everything I could about Manifestation, the Law of Attraction, The Universe, and how to attract my dream life, and then I did exactly that.  

I applied everything I learnt, and soon enough was manifesting thousands of unexpected dollars, my dream apartment, five figure months in my business and a life that literally lights me up, where I get to fulfill my soul’s mission every day through my business Strong Babe Collective, and as the host of The Strong Babe Collective Podcast - helping babes to manifest their dream lives every single day.  

And now my babe, I am here to teach you exactly how to manifest the life you are so worthy of as well, all from a place of flow, freedom and ease.  

I break manifestation down in a way that is simple, easy to understand, does not require you to dedicate your life into becoming a super spiritual woo-woo yogi, and gives you the step-by-step processes you need to know, to easily make it part of your daily life.  

In #DesireToManifest, I’m going to teach you exactly how to unlock your ability to manifest literally ANYTHING, by taking you through the exact processes, practices, rituals and spiritual frameworks I have used to manifest literally all of my biggest desires.

 Get ready my love, because in saying yes today, this is the day that everything changes.  

By saying yes today, you are affirming that you are truly ready to receive all you've ever desired.  


Set your intentions around what you want to manifest

Learn the sacred practices that allow you to manifest anything  

Shift your energy into a higher vibration than ever before  

Find alignment with yourself and with your desires  

Learn the tools that allow your manifestation process to happen faster and more powerfully than ever before  

Shift your identity into abundance and learn how to manifest money  

Take control of your manifestation process and learn how to never let external things impact your manifestation process again  

Move through Ego, limiting beliefs, fear and any other blocks that are holding you back  

...and have complete access to me as your Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Mindset Mentor and total High VIbe Bestie, taking you through the exact process of unlocking your ability to manifest ANYTHING.  

Here's what's waiting for you inside: 

  • 8 different high vibe modules: taking you step-by-step through The CREATION Method
  • 10+ hours of pre recorded video lessons: walking you through the exact frameworks that teach you exactly HOW to start manifesting your desires into your life
  • 30+ Frameworks, Practices and Processes: to help you make the shifts and start making your desires your reality
  • 30+ Inspired Action Workbooks: full of Inspired Action and High Vibe Homework to do after watching each module, that will help you make massive shifts, unlock new phases of your manifesting ability and help you attract your biggest desires with ease
  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls Each Week: where I help you work through the steps and apply it to your life, move through any blocks or limiting beliefs, answer any specific questions you may have and celebrate all you are manifesting!
  • Access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group: For ongoing daily support where I answer your questions, help you release resistance, celebrate all you are manifesting and where you will connect with your high vibe tribe of other babes on the same journey as you 

PLUS the bonuses if you sign up before the offer ends... 

  • Abundant Affirmations: which includes the exact affirmations I use, to rewrite my reality, and manifest my biggest desires ($88 value)
  • Meditation to Manifestation: which is my seven part meditation series, that you can use to find to true alignment, to connect with your highest self, and to surrender to the Universe so that it can deliver exactly what you desire ($333 value)
  • Guide to the Universe: My own secret weapon when it comes to manifesting, in unlocking the OTHER Universal Laws that no one is talking about, that each play a KEY ROLE manifesting your biggest desires ($222 value)

Understand the importance of clarity and set your intentions around what you want to manifest

Learn how to define what you are manifesting using The S.O.C Method  

Learn how to set your intentions using The Thankyou For Framework  

Learn how to unlock the KEY to manifesting, using The N.O.W Model  

Learn the exact processes that you will have with you for life, to be able to always shift your energy, to make you a vibrational match for what you desire. 

Learn how to create your perfect morning ritual for finding alignment using the MAJEM Process  

Understand how to create your own sacred meditation practice using the Alphabet Meditation Model  

Learn the sacred practice of journaling using the GAT Matrix  

Create energetic shifts in order to make you a vibrational match for all you desire.  

Learn the importance of the TFV Process and how it makes up the basis of everything  

Learn to shift your energy using the ICANT to ICANN Method  

Understand how to completely change your vibrational state using the Three Cs  

Learn how to use the FLOW Method in order to move through any energetic blocks you are experiencing  

Understand the importance of the Source Seven, and how to effectively GROUND in order to change your energy state  

Learn the importance of coming into alignment both within yourself, and with your desires

Unlock the sacred practice of Mirror Work and how it can shift your energy towards yourself entirely  

Understand how to start prioritising play, and why it is crucial to your manifesting process  

Learn how to trust in divine timing by unlocking the power of the OCD Model  

Learn how to use the TAG Process to find the aligned action steps you need to take to manifest your desires  

Harness the magic 60 Seconds to Alignment practice you can use anywhere and any time to find instant alignment  

Harness the power of the sacred tools that you can use ANYWHERE and ANYTIME to manifest your desires with ease

Learn how to write your own affirmations using the Affirmation Matrix  

Learn to shift from feeling not worthy to worthy, using the Flip the Script Formula  

Understand how to use your affirmations effectively using the IAM Framework  

Learn to transform the way you implement your affirmations using the Aligned Lines Process  

Unlock the process of breaking your desires into easy manageable steps using the Micro + Macro Visualisation Model  

Claim the abundant life that is waiting for you, learn exactly how to manifest money and completely shift your identity and your reality

Learn how to step into the version of you that does have it all with the STACKS Model  

Rewrite your reality using the scripting technique that changes everything with the FLAME RISEN Formula  

Learn the five steps that will shift your view of abundance forever using the Five Steps to Abundance  

Completely transform your money mindset using the Abundance Now Ritual  

Remove one of the biggest money blocks out there by using the Three E’s Method  

Learn how to attract money to you easily using the 30 Days of Money Flow  

Claim your power, release the impact that other people and situations have on you and step into your manifestation power fully.

Never let something negatively affect you again using the SIEGECART Model Step up the intensity and speed of your manifestation process with the Celebration Cycle Never have trouble making a decision again using the BET On It Process Set beautiful evening intentions using the Rule of Three Method Stop letting conversations with others lower your vibe using the WWW Practice  


Release Ego, remove limiting beliefs and move through any and all blocks that have been holding you back.

Learn how to beat fear forever using the FEAR Model  

Understand the failproof way to move from Ego into Alignment using the Three R’s  

Learn to shift your focus from wrong to right in just 30 seconds using the Going Going Gone Method  

Understand how to tell the difference between Intuition and Ego using the Intuition V Ego Framework  

Learn how to remove all blocks and limiting beliefs FOREVER using the Burning Ritual  

My own secret weapon when it comes to manifesting, in unlocking the OTHER Universal Laws that no one is talking about, that each play a KEY ROLE manifesting your biggest desires. 

Get access to my Full Masterclass complete with its own 28 page workbook teaching you all about the 12 Universal Laws that shift EVERYTHING and allow you to manifest more than ever before. Understand how the Universe works and use it to manifest MAGIC!  


The affirmations I use, to rewrite my reality, and manifest my biggest desires. This 9-page high vibe guide goes over all of the most powerful affirmations you can use, across all areas of life. 

Covering off affirmations for success, happiness, money, relationships and health, this guide is the ultimate tool for shifting your energy anytime, anywhere. Making you a vibrational match for more of what you want, and less of what you don't want.  

My seven part meditation series, that you can use to find to true alignment, to connect with your highest self, and to surrender to the Universe so that it can deliver exactly what you desire.

You get lifetime access to this entire series and can use it to totally shift into that abundant state, by listening to your high vibe audios whenever you need them.  

The results of some of my #DesireToManifest babes...


You are serious about truly saying YES to claiming the life you deserve

You are ready to learn exactly how to manifest your biggest desires

You no longer want to settle and are ready to take inspired action and manifest all you know is waiting for you

You're ready to step into the version of you that does have it all

You're ready to stop playing small, and to affirm to the Universe that you are ready to receive the abundant life you know is coming for you

You're ready to ready to realise how EASY manifestation is, and to make it a part of your day to day life as you bring your desires to life


You'd rather keep going at it alone, trying to figure it out all while coming up against blocks that push you backwards  

You'd rather do endless hours of researching & guesswork, going in circles and implementing things that just don't work  

You'd rather pay thousands of dollars for countless books, memberships, subscriptions – all that still don’t teach you what you need  

You'd rather watch another six months go by with no change and then realise you’re still stuck in the same position a year later 

You'd prefer to settle and tell yourself it's all too hard, and choose to stay in victim mindset forever

 You're someone that doesn't believe in investing in yourself and would rather stay in scarcity mode forever

You're not willing to say yes to all you know is waiting for you, and take Inspired Action to make it happen  


I was in a place where I was bored and feeling like I would be stuck in my day job forever, and I KNEW that I was missing something. I didn't realize at that time that I was in for massive ascension, but working with Tay was EXACTLY what I needed in order to get clear on my soul mission.


You gave me the courage to look at my business in an entirely new light! You have helped me with more than just my business. Thank you SO much for sharing your insight and your tools. You are a bright light in this world and I am so grateful for you!!! THANK YOU!!!


Working with Taylor gave me all the tools I needed to come into alignment with my full self, and I've been manifesting more beauty than I ever knew was possible! Thank you for changing my life!


Taylor helped me to push through mental blocks that were holding me back. I always looked forward to our weekly calls because I know I leave them feeling incredibly inspired and ready to take on the week!


I have had so many shifts happen since starting this course! I am so grateful for all of the incredible tools I have learned! I no longer live in the scarcity mindset, I know that I can always trust the Universe will provide! I cannot wait to see more of my desires manifest as I continue on this journey!


Desire to Manifest was exactly what I needed in my life. Taylor is an amazing high vibe coach who shows so much passion for what she teaches and the girls in her course. The content is in depth and the weekly conference calls really help with taking everything in. I would recommend this course to anyone ready for a massive shift in their lives

8 High Vibe Pre Recorded Modules {Value: $4500}  

30+ Manifestation Workbooks for all your Sacred Frameworks, Rituals and Practices {Value: $2500}  

Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with me {Value:$4000}  

DesireToManifest Support Group {Value: $997}  

Meditation To Manifestation {Value: $333}  

Guide To The Universe {Value: $222}  

Abundant Affirmations {Value: $88}  

TOTAL VALUE: $12,640  

No matter what your desires are, this is the course that will teach you EXACTLY how to manifest them... 

Because once you learn the method taught inside #DesireToManifest, manifesting ANYTHING becomes easy.

It's not about what you're manifesting, it's about how to actually do it.

And you can learn exactly how to do it too, just like these babes did...  

It's time to learn exactly how to unlock your manifestation power, so that you can manifest your greatest desires, all from a place of flow, alignment, and ease. 

 It's time to create a true connection with the powers of the Universe, to harness the Law of Attraction, and to truly unlock your ability to manifest ANYTHING babe.

It's time to realise the power you have within you, and to say yes to unlocking it and manifesting all that is waiting for you.

Let's step into that power so that you can have, do, and be whatever you desire in this life! 


By completing your purchase, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this product.

#DesireToManifest is all about helping you to unlock your own manifestation power, so that you can truly attract everything you’ve ever desired and more.  

Let's manifest the life you are so worthy of.

When does the course start?

How long do I get access to the course?

You get IMMEDIATE access to the course my love, including all of your bonuses and you get lifetime access to all of it! Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a confirmation email of your enrolment, and not long after that will receive all of your log-in details to dive right into the course as well as the times for each of our weekly coaching calls! Excited to see you in there!

You've got lifetime access girl! Meaning you can work through it in divine timing, and can use all of your high vibe frameworks and tools for life! You can even redo the course over again once you've gone through it! How good is that?! You even get lifetime access to our Private Support Group on Facebook meaning you've got access to the most high vibe space on the Internet, for life!

What if I'm not sure what I want to manifeset?

How is the course delivered?

Babe, this course was made for you. In Module One, we dive DEEP into getting clarity around what you actually want your life to look like, and giving yourself permission to actually set your intentions. Lots of my babes inside the course weren't sure either when they enrolled, but once they got inside, they used the tools to get that clarity, and often manifest their desires within the first couple of weeks! The thing is, a lot of the time we don't even realise we have put limits on ourselves, so this course removes all of that, and helps you paint a beautiful picture of your abundant life so you can start manifesting it right away.

The whole course is delivered online babe, and as soon as you enrol you will be sent access details to access all of the course materials including the videos, workbooks, introduction materials, access to the Private Facebook Group and everything else. The weekly calls are delivered LIVE by Taylor Rae. And, when you finish this course, our time together doesn’t have to end. You’re STILL eligible to attend the live group coaching calls that happen each week at no extra charge. That's right babe, for as long as I keep running live calls beyond your guaranteed 8 weeks, you'll be able to come along! All about being that high vibe bestie for life babe and supporting you through your entire manifestation journey!

What if I'm not ready?

Is there a limit on what this will help me manifest?

Trust me babe, because you are here, you are ready. I promise you, no one ever feels completely, 100% ready for anything - but the ones that manifest their biggest desires are the ones that do it anyway. And you've got lifetime access to the course babe, so grab it now and let's get manifesting! You can even do it again after you've gone through it the first time!

Definitely not babe! Trust me when I say the Universe wants to deliver you ALL of your biggest desires, and you can use everything I teach you in this course to manifest anything, from your dream partner, to money, to success, to your dream business, to more time, to happiness, to finding purpose, to health and fitness goals. The only limit is the limit you choose for yourself babe - so let's go limitless!

Do you offer refunds? 

Can you guarantee results?

Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However you can submit a request for a refund within 14 days of purchase if you have met the requirements of the refund request and feel as though the course has not worked for you. In order to request a refund you MUST submit a refund request to and must also provide the required proof as outlined in the terms and conditions listed here. All refunds are discretionary as determined by Strong Babe Collective and no refunds will be provided after the 14th day from your date of purchase.

This course provides you with all of the tools you require in order to manifest more than you ever have before. If you do the work, commit 100% and follow the processes step-by-step, what you are able to manifest is limitless. However, each person’s success and results depends on many factors, including dedication, desire, follow through, and motivation, and because I can't guarantee any of those things on your part, or that you'll do the work, I can't guarantee that you'll get results. In partaking in this course, it is your responsibility to give it everything in order to have success in manifesting all that is waiting for you.

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